Monday, February 7, 2011

Despicable Me Character

My next assignment for my digital sculpting class is to design a character for a 'fake' sequel to Despicable Me. The choices were either for a potential love interest for Gru or the young nephew/son/other relation to the female character. I chose to do the girl since every portfolio needs at least one pretty female character.

I haven't really developed her character much yet though. Her name is Lada, named for the Slavic godess of youth and beauty. She is a librarian from Moscow and one of the very few Russian hippies in existence. Despite her age(which is a mystery) she tries to hold on to her youth by dressing somewhat young for her age. She has even dyed her hair to hide any gray streaks. She is very interested in science and machinery and has come to America to hopefully become a nuclear physicist. She got a job at the local library where she meets Gru who is doing research for his next weapon. He finds her spunky personality a little off-putting but he admires her extensive knowledge on nuclear physics and other areas of science.

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